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I am going through a skills assessment in my mother tongue

Edward has been working for five years as a receptionist for a major Parisian hotel. After he studied history at the University of Liverpool, he came to France to make for new horizons.
A friend told him about the skills assessment, an accompanying program that is very traditional in France when it comes to continuing education.
When he began the assessment, Edward set his objective on finding a new guidance that would fit with his diplomas. He immediately mentioned his urge to help the other people and to work less constraining hours.
Even though he is completely bilingual, Edward chose to go through the skills assessment in English, his mother tongue, in order to make the most of both his competences and motives. Analysing his profile and motivations led him to go deeper into some ideas, including being a trainer in English.

After an inquiry was carried out by some organisms of the RESSE Conseil network, Edward went through a training course for interview techniques as part of a personal training leave. He then got into a renowned language institute base in Puteaux-La Défense.