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Skills assessment

The skills assessment is an efficient tool for human resources: it can help manage careers, anticipate changes, adapt lines of work to evolution of techniques and help employees who experience difficulties or doubts.

It also helps the employee identify their potential, pinpoint their strengths, identify weaknesses and hence make better progress. It is also an opportunity to reflect on ones motivations when applying for a new position, so as to have the best chances of success.


The skills assessment is part of your company’s professional training plan.
Its duration of 24 hours lends itself to an individual training plan. This makes it appropriate to be included in the DIF (individual right to training). The employee can decide to take advantage of it on his own, as in the case of a skills audit. He then directly contacts the organisation (which receives the training funds), and can choose between doing his skills assessment during his work time (with company approval) ,or during his free time.


The skills assessment lasts 24 hours and ideally is spread out over two months with a one or two hours session every week. A preliminary meeting is organized with the consultant ex gratia in order to get to know each other and define the main goals.
These are the three steps in the skills assessment :

1. Initial Analysis of the request and of the pursued goals, presentation of the development of the skills assessment, as well as the tools and methods that are to be used.

2. Further Investigation; deepening of the personal motives using tools such as personality inventories, motivation and interest questionnaires, role plays...

3. Results and professional prospects, actions that ought to be taken at short-term, middle-term and long-term. A document summarizing the work that has been accomplished is given to the employee.

An adapted training course is defined throughout the skills assessment, in order for the employee to be able to find a job which satisfies their new goals. A follow-up interview can take place six months later at the employee’s request.

RESSE Conseil’s assets

• A recognized professionalism :
- RESSE Conseil is certified AFAQ ISO 9001: 2000, for employees skills assessments.
- RESSE Conseil is a favoured member of the Greater Paris FONGECIF quality partner network.
- RESSE Conseil is accredited by ten key organisations (FONGECIF, FAF TT, AFDAS, AGECIF IEG, AGECIF SNCF, AGECIF RATP, FAFSEA, UNIFAF, MEDIAFOR) and by the AGEFIPH, which supports disabled employees.

• A multidisciplinary team of psychologists (1) and human resources specialists who master interpersonal processes as well as behavioural diagnossis tools.

• Over 900 people have taken a skills assessment with RESSE Conseil since its creation in 2001.

(1) The use of the title of ‘psychologist’ is defined by the july, 25th, 1985 law n° 85-772, published in the Official Journal on the 26th of July, 1985. Therefore, RESSE Conseil will respect the deontology code that is specific to the profession of psychologist, since “the respect of a person in their psychic dimension is an inalienable right, the recognition of which is the foundation of the psychologists’ action”.